Rob Herrmann

Mod Tech 

427 E. 4th Street

East Dundee, IL 60118

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Phone: 847-586-3906

Fax: 847-783-0402


Mod Tech conveyor components are used to create plastic chain and belt conveyors, as well as roller conveyors, work stations and test stands. Conveyor solutions include: straight running, curved solutions, single and dual lanes, carousels, over and under solutions, elevation changes, accumulation tables, end drives, center drives, wrap drives, spirals, floor or ceiling mounted systems, test stands and work stations.

Our components have been in the marketplace for over twenty years in a wide array of markets including: Automotive, Appliances, Beverage Bottling, Caustic Environments, Electronics, Health Care Equipment, and General Manufacturing. Areas of application are part fabrication and assembly, sub-assembly, part delivery and packing lines, warehousing as well as structural solutions. With our product maturity and flexibility we are committed to providing our customers with high quality, aluminum extruded and die cast conveyor components to reduce resource allocation and make them more competitive in the industry.

August 2012

Mod Tech is under new management!  Please see our new contact information below.